Can you mix coffee and cannabis?

Coffee and cannabis is another way of saying wake and bake, right? This is something I’ve thought over a bunch, especially since I’m a coffee fiend and lover of all things cannabis. So obviously, I had to dive into some research! 🤓🌿

Can you mix coffee and cannabis?

Here’s what I learned: Caffeine is considered a psychoactive substance, and produces some similar effects to cannabis! Like how cannabis works on our cannabinoid receptors, caffeine interacts with our adenosine receptors in our brains, altering neural activities and increasing mental alertness! Like any drug, large doses of caffeine can have some negative side effects, some such as dizziness, irritability, and diarrhea, so…watch your intake fam. So, as we know, THC interacts with our CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brains.

According to a study from Northwest University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, coffee actually suppresses the endocannabinoid chemicals that cannabis boosts, suggesting that coffee and cannabis generate opposite effects. This test was performed on rats, so it is still unclear on how it really affects us in that respect. However, another study on squirrel monkeys, so a little closer to our species, showed researchers that when the monkeys received a low dose of a synthetic form of caffeine (MSX-3), the monkeys gave themselves less THC. But, when they were given larger doses of MSX-3, the monkeys took a higher dose of THC. (Side note, these monkeys were trained to administer THC to themselves!🤯)

What this research suggested, was that low levels of caffeine may enhance a high, and high levels of caffeine could decrease your high, requiring you to use more!

Reading the research on this, it makes me wonder about other animals who use cannabis to medicate 🤔 I smell a future post. I hope you found this as interesting as I did!! Thanks for reading! 🌿💨

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