Strain Review: Melon OG (smalls) by Wonderbrett

Melon OG (smalls) by @wonderbrett

Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush x Melon

Original Breeder: Karma Genetics

Grower: Wonderbrett

Melon OG Smalls Review

So for today’s review (and a few more down the road) I decided to explore the life of buying smalls. Two reasons, the price and the fact that smalls are so hit and miss. I’ve heard good and bad and wanted to do some investigating of my own.

First off @wonderbrett kills it with the packaging. They go all out even for their smalls, as you can see. Now as far as bud size, yes these are definitely on the smaller end, but as you can see some decent sized buds made it in the bag. Once I ripped open the seal, my first thought was cheddar popcorn. Weird. I let the bag breathe a little while, closed it back up and came back later. What I found when I came back was the sweetest yellow cake smell to go along with just a straight skunky danky smell. Really loud and pleasant. With the name melon og I was expecting some musky funk. Glad I got it. Even for these being smalls the cure and trim on these are top notch. Sticky, with great moisture that allows the bud to break away beautifully. So far we’re checking all the boxes of what good bud looks like.

My first hit out of my bong was lit with a hemp wick. The flavors I were able to pick up were melon-cucumber water, pepper and a finish that reminded me of baby powder. The heat wand brought out more of a greener taste. Like a green smoothie but with a hint of baby powder. The papers brought out more of a sweeter aspect. Still notes of muddled cucumber and melons but also a ton of pepper. The back end had more of a Smarties candy baby powder vibe to it. For this strain I personally liked the hemp wick and bong method.

Each method of smoking brought out the same but expected effects. A classic OG high that is mostly in the head that isn’t quite racey but definitely on the sativa side for me. I went on a few hikes while smoking Melon OG and it was very pleasant. Thanks @wonderbrett , you’ve got a fan in me!

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Check out more reviews by @christianlovescannabis on Instagram! (

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