Dab Review: Greasy Runtz Live Budder by Echo Electuary

Greasy Runtz (Grease Monkey x Runtz) grown by @eastwood_portland processed by @echo_electuary ✨

Lineage/Genetics: Runtz x Grease Monkey

Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Grower: Eastwood Gardens

Proecssor: Echo Electuary

Greasy Runtz Live Budder Review

greasy runtz live budder by echo electuary dab review by pnw_chronic 2The Greasy Runtz is an astonishingly gorgeous buttermilk-yellow live budder. Its a solid concentrate with thick viscosity, high pliability, and minimal stickiness, reminiscent of actual butter. As a result, picking up and dabbing any amount is effortless. I forgot to take a picture first because I was so excited to load up a dab, so the first picture is representative of that. Altogether, the concentrate has seriously compelling visual appeal 🍯

The nose on the Greasy Runtz is superb. The Runtz side of the cross supplies a plethora of candy bag-esque, sugary dessert terps. It’s sweet, creamy, sugary, and tangy in terms of aroma, but the concentrate also has a significant gas and savoriness that undercuts the profile from the Grease Monkey. It has some smaller notes of earthiness that add complexity to the presentation, but, overall, this budder is dripping hot sugar and greasy gas terps 🍬

The taste on Greasy Runtz is delectable. The Grease Monkey side of the profile takes the lead with pungent gas terps that are both spicy and funky. Sugary, candied notes dance around profile, providing support, but not overpowering it. It’s a captivating, delicious, and toothsome balance that surprised me. Overall, I loved the flavor and strength of terps on display ⛽️

The high on the Greasy Runtz is potent. I immediately felt a pressure in my forehead and down through my neck after the first dab. It’s a spacey, head high with moderate body effects and minimal couch lock. The concentrate burns relatively clean for a solvent-extracted product. It’s a mostly smooth dab with minor throat harshness at higher temperatures. Overall, it was an exceedingly satisfying dabbing experience 😶‍🌫️

All in all, the Greasy Runtz is fantastic. It’s an enticing combination of Grease Monkey and Runtz that brings in some of the best quality of both parents. I’m happy I got a bigger jar because I just really enjoy dabbing it. Echo continues to be one of the only solvent-based processors that I consume, and when they’re using Eastwood for the input, you know the saying about fire in fire out 🔥

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