Edible Review: Luchador Blue Raspberry Gummies by Ciencia Labs

I tried Ciencia Labs line up of gummies recently and my favorite by far was the Luchador.

Brand: Ciencia Labs

Ciencia Labs Luchador Gummies Review

Luchador gummies came in a bag full of what was delicious blue raspberry cubes. Let me tell you that there aren’t blue raspberries in the wild. Having been eating raspberries off the cane since I was yay high – I assure you there aren’t.

Raspberries are one of my favorite fruits. Fake raspberry is one of my favorite fake fruits. This has the right amount of forward tart backend sweet but not saccarhine to carry it. But the texture oh the texture. Think a sour patch kid outside with a harisbo gummy bear inside. It transitions perfectly and gives you a familiar and top quality mouthfeel.

In terms of the high… My go with the luchador was… not what I expected. A scripted fight with more dialogue to the crowd than action? Oh noooo.

A group of three split 6 luchador gummies and proceeded to have a monopoly game for the books. I can’t tell you how many times people passed Go without collecting $200 but I can say the game chugged along until its inevitable end – the person who ate less gummies won.

Luchadors. Listos?

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Caleb Chen

  • Founder of The Highest Critic
  • Unpaid /r/trees mod
  • Certified Ganjier
  • Kine bud enthusiast

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