Pre-roll review: Noz preroll by Artifactz

Brand- Artifactz @Artifactz
Product- Noz Pre-roll
Produced- 08/2021
Packaged- 12/21
Total THC- 26.62%

Artifactz NoZ Pre-roll Review

Hello followers and thank you to all the new ones and existing ones, so just wanted to say this is the 1st Pre-roll we are reviewing in this new year and can’t wait to let you know about this NoZ from the brand of Artifactz. So how do you review this type of product and I’ll let you know your immediate reaction would be ah this won’t hit me or ah yeah too expensive as this ranges about Fifteen Dollars and I’ll say it’s worth it. From the moment I open the small jar and put this to my lips I did what most people will do which is to inhaled a dry inhale and my senses went crazy knowing this was a going to be a good one..this was split between two people and both felt the effects slowly creeping up on you and your going to be seeing each other slowly go from super talkative to slowly start going into your own world and the feeling of euphoria and thinking what I am smoking an OG or some Indica because your going to be sitting and possibly passing out and immediately couch locked mode goes full. This smokes white and clean smoke and also {White Ash}. The onset is immediate and the duration lasts about 1 and half hour, unless you decide to raid your fridge and then you will slowly come out of the feeling but it’s a heavy one in my opinion as you will still be soooooo gone you will still fall asleep. But happy and a great sleep. I would recommend this for the experience because if you’re a beginner you’re going to be having a bad trip but hey you know what just do it and step it up. I’m a big smoker and I told myself why I smoked all of it. I should have stopped but noooooo and immediately couch locked and munchies.
This is just a standard Pre-roll and nothing additional added.

NOTE: Flower is grown indoors, no coughing or that nasty after taste, you can tell it’s pure flower with no left overs,I believe this is what they call their Owners Choice and Yes you definitely choose a great strain. *Owner*
Recommend- 8/10.
Price- Fifteen Dollars (Pretax).
Weigh- 1 Gr.
Lab Tested Flower.
No Coughing Lungs Out.
Onset- Quick
Solo or Shared- Recommend split between 2 people or smoke yourself but prepare for a Highly and Highly Experience.We are not done yet with more reviews coming also for their flower, A brand that is affordable even with their small nugs.

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Check out more reviews and content by @stoneybearreviews on Instagram! (

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