Strain Review: Dillinger by Genesis Bioceuticals


Lineage/Genetics: (Sunset Sherb x Kush Mints #11)

Original Breeder/Grower: Genesis Bioceuticals @genbioaz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dillinger Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

dillinger by genesis bioceuticals strain review by slumpysmokes 2Welcome back everybody, this is strain 2/3 of the @genbioaz shootout! So apparently this one is named after the rapper Dazzel Dillinger from the ‘Dog Pound’ hip hop group. I have yet to try any rapper flower before this so I was hype to dig into this dillinger!

At first glance you’re met by this stunning bud surrounded by dark hues of purple with bright green guts. Accompanied by beautiful brown pistols & magnificent milky resin production, this strain crushes every category in bag appeal!🤌🏻

Y’all ever catch yourself smelling a strain for more than 5 min but just keep coming up with new terp profiles? This one had me smelling about 3-4 different aromas the more I dove into it. First aroma I pulled from it while sitting in the bag was the chocolate mints you get at restaurants after you pay the check. But the more I smelled it, the more it became a medicated brownie smell. Had that doughy batter aroma accompanied by a dank musky chocolate. Once broken at the nose however, everything transferred to a very sweet/bitter berry aroma similar to NyQuil. There were some subtle hints of cream & vanilla shortbread here n there but NyQuil was the more dominant flavor.

After seeing and smelling this unique flower, I was extremely intrigued to find out what flavors and effects it possessed. However after exhaling my first hit, my tastebuds were left feeling almost teased. The strong, sweet, minty chocolate flavor was somehow non existent. Instead I was met by a creamy, earthy, slightly sweet woody taste. Very smooth nevertheless but no where near what I was anticipating. I am never a fan of earthy/woody terps but I would say this one is “tolerable” enough for me.

Just when I thought this strain was all bark no bite, my ass got bit. First hit left my head feeling very light, extremely clear headed, upbeat & happy as a mf. I felt the effects slowly creep down into my body like I was being wrapped up in a snuggy of ultimate relaxation & calmness. My body head to toe felt heavily medicated but not one bit felt slumpy. I was amazed at how heavy a strain could be without making me feel sluggish & lazy. Absolute perfect daytime smoke.

All in all I was quite impressed with this strain. So impressed I feel like I could have reviewed this off of just 1 hit. The effects alone top atleast 80% of the flower on AZ shelves at the moment. Very rare to say nowadays you have some “1 & done” type of flower on your hands. However for not being an OG cross, i’d have to say this could possibly make the list👀



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