Strain Review: Grease Monkey by Sonoran Roots

Grease Monkey (GG4 x Cookies & Cream) by @sonoranrootscannabis from @h4l_az

Lineage/Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 x Cookies and Cream

Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Grower: Sonoran Roots

Dispensary: Health for Life

Sonoran Roots Grease Monkey Strain Review

Haven’t had this classic cross in well over 2 years because It just has not looked appealing to me since then. However once I saw this on the shelf I knew I was going to be excited to get into it!

These gorgeous dark green nugs are sealed with a thick white blanket of trichomes leaving the buds white instead of green🥶 The way these orange hairs portray themselves appears as if someone installed them by hand. You can also spot little purple leaves trying to showcase themselves through the snow❄️

The aroma is sadly on the milder side (due to lack of freshness) consisting of a creamy vanilla cookie with a slight sweet kush to top it off. Once broken up things get funky. The cookie and sweet vanilla disappear and turn into a piney christmas tree with a sprinkle of kush. No pun intended but I got an odd whiff of bacon grease in there as well🤣🥓 Guess this cut stayed true to its name😂

Based off the smell how do you think the taste was? If you answered mild/almost non existent then bingo! All I could pull from it was faint herbal notes with a bare minimum kush aftertaste. Yet another deceiving batch of terp-less chronic.😴

Last chance for this flower to prove itself and it choked. Don’t get me wrong the effects were pleasant, but sadly do not match the bag appeal. I’d expect flower of this caliber to peel my scalp back but only mellow upbeat head high and a relaxed body is what is given. I will say it sets behind the eyes fairly quickly but not to the point of snoozage❌💤

Now i’m going to keep it real and say H4L is most likely responsible for the desert cured weed which is sad because they give these growers a bad image. This was my first time trying Sonoran and I truthfully was not impressed. However Ive heard countless great reviews about their flower and I know for a fact H4L is known for that crumble weed so my finger is pointed at them👉🏼 However y’all over @h4l_az are handling the flower, might need to come up with a new game plan.

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