Strain Review: OG Bobby Johnson by Crown Genetics

Brand- @crown.og

Strain – OG Bobby Johnson #ogbobbyjohnson

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Breeder/Grower: Crown Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dispensary: Apothecary Sherman Oaks

OG Bobby Johnson Strain Review

Thank you to @crown.og & @nikd01 for the opportunity to review the final Flower from there Summer Collection Edition, this is there #ogbobbyjohnson and wow if you love those heavy Indica type of flower you can’t pass this one up here. Recommend for the experienced as this is something that beginners might not be able to handle it as it is indica and means that it will be heavy. From my experience this hits the lungs really quick and made them feel like they expanded and with quick onset meaning that I felt the hit in the back of eyes and my overall feeling of the world opening up and feeling relaxed from any stress or any anything bothering me, and then came back to the sense that I might be lifted already and I can go and enjoy my day. Now since this is an indica I would say keep it for the night as if you smoke it in the morning the down is something that makes you sleepy and overall lazy. But for us experience smokers it’s like any other strain we can keep going and functioning great, but will cause some munchies so have some snacks and some water, Dry Throat occurs also. I enjoy the deep body relaxation as well and to relax after a long day. Now for any person asking if it’s worth it I truly think it is. If you look at the flower it’s a true Kush meaning that Nugs are smaller but denser but youcan see the Trichomes’ formation from top to the bottom and  feelthe stickyness as well.

I rate this one here an 8/10 for its effects and its aroma and its true name of Kush.

Thanks again @crown.og & @nikd01 and of course @apothecary_818 for the amazing dispensary and customer service.

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