Strain Review: Petro Chem by Dank Dabs

Petro Chem – @dankdabs_1

Nose: Earthy, diesel, piney
Inhale: Diesel, citrus, floral, burnt rubber, spicy
Exhale: Citrus, musty, rubbery, piney, diesel

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Original Glue (GG4) x Moonbow #75

Bred by: Archive Seed Bank

Cultivated by: Dank Dabs

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Petro Chem Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Hey what’s up everyone? Happy Sunday! I hope all of you are (hopefully) enjoying the day off if you have it as well as this polar bear weather that’s hit us once again. Today I’m going to be wrapping up the second cultivar grown and gifted to me by Dankdabs coming out of the dank garden. After a pretty solid experience with the Snowball I put up last week, I was interested to see how the Petro Chem would line up in comparison. This cultivar features a cross between Moonbow #75 and GG4 which gave me hunch that this one could be the best of both worlds as it relates to gas and sweet flavor. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

There’s not too much to discuss on the packaging as I received the Petro Chem in the same style glass jar I did with the Snowball. Upon twisting off the gold lid, I was met with an underwhelming nose full of earth scents and diesel. The closer I put my nose to the buds I could pick up on those gsssier notes but the overall smell on this was straightforward. When I pulled out the extra leafy buds which did have a bit of stickiness to them. However, they were super airy with seemingly no density to them at all. A fluorescent shade of lime green made up the color of each one complimented by a dripped coating of trichromes. I noticed a healthy amount of bright-colored pistils, some of which, were buried into each nug. I chose to break the Petro Chem down by hand due to the leafy, loose texture to it. The yield upon breaking down was ok with the diesel and chemical-like odors picking up within the process. The dry pull on the joint contained a lip-smacking diesel taste along with a mild floral sweetness.

When I sparked the Petro Chem in an Organic RAW, a gaseous, lemon diesel taste erupted out of the gate adding pressure to the smoke from the start. On the way out, I tasted those same lemon citrus terps but this time a bit amplified with a musty undertone. Additionally, on both the inhale and exhale, I honed in on burnt rubber terps that made the smoke even more obnoxious. The pulls became sweeter, flirting with notes of floral around halfway through the sesh, although those overpowering lemon diesel terps still dominated throughout. They were smooth at some moments and, at other times, pressuresome leading to some coughing. For the most part, the Petro Chem burned quite evenly leading to a sturdy ash that was mostly white with mild shades of gray. The flavor last right about down to the final pulls making this an all around gassy, lip-smacking smoke.

The medicinal effects of the Petro Chem didn’t take long to kick in as I started to feel them throughout the sesh after coughing during some of those gaseous inhales. A strong europhia kicked in within my chest causing my heart to race as well as feeling some butterflies in my stomach. About 20 minutes later I went from racey to a bit more calm, feeling focused in my thoughts. I didn’t get strong sense of urgency to do much while being induced with the of this cultivar. I also felt a slight melting sensation through my body that come on with time. The effects of this cultivar lasted almost around 2 hours putting me into a deep, relaxed fade yet, at the same time; allowing me to keep myself together collectively. This was a perfect end of the day smoke with its calming charm.

I’m going to be honest that, from first seeing the bud until experiencing it, . I definitely wasn’t a fan of the overly leafy, larfy structure including smaller nugs but think the qualities of the smoke and effects picked up the slack in presentation. I think that terp profile on this is gassy as well as flavorful enough to appeal to vast array of preferences that different smokers have. This will be an exceptional hit for those who like a hard-hitting indica strain with gripping couch lock effects. I thought this overall was another good offering out of Dank garden that has even more potential once the texture and nose becomes more dialed in.

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Check out more reviews by @toptierterpsma on Instagram! (

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