Strain Review: Piffrican Haze by Inspiration Seed Co

Piffrican Haze by @inspirationseedco_

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Inspiration Seed Co.

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Piffrican Haze Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

piffrican haze by inspiration seed co strain review by hazeandsour

Rating: 8.9/10
Piff? Yes

I ran into this guy at Piffcon & I had ran into him at earlier shows, and did not realize he had any haze but at piffcon he had like 5 different types of haze and they were all crazy. The funny thing is one of my boys had been telling me about this grower for a few weeks before that and I didn’t take it as serious as I should have because he is not playing. Not only this haze, but every single strain they had looked and smelled fire. When I seen this Haze I was so mezmorized by the look and how it was covered in frost that I didnt mind that the piff haze smell that I am looking for wasnt fully there. Well thankfully i took it home with me because as soon as i cracked open a nug to break it up, BOOM 🤯 , piff haze smell smacked me in the face. Instantly put a smile on my face and i couldnt stop smiling the whole time while breaking it up because I realized how piff its gunna taste. When I sparked it, I wasnt wrong, it got that distinct haze taste, i would say its kinda closer to the harlem dreams and harlem 21 and haleys comet type of haze taste, like that very smoky cedar type haze taste, its not the oldschool classic soapy chemical haze taste but its still got a hint of that oldschool haze taste, but more strongly tastes like the new designer heavily crossed hazes but still u can definitely not mistake it tasting like anything other than haze. The smoke is extra smooth, no harshness at all and even if you smoking it out of a palma dutch like me. No cough at all. The buds feel like popcorn on the outside where it was nice and dry and the inside was sticky as all hell. U gotta break it up by taking each layers of bud off like unwrapping a gift. The high is very mellow, relaxed, creative and mind stimulating sativa style uplifting high, clear headed, you dont get stoned, u get high. More head than body high. I really enjoyed this cut, this was his piffrican #3, he also has a cut of piffrican that he entered into piffcon along with his NYC Haze which I will also be droppin a review for soon. I loved the piffrican, its unique & is a perfect cross between oldschool and newschool. 1 of my favs right now

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Piff & Dour
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I'll let you know if its piff

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Piff & Dour From New York Haze & Sour Diesel Connoisseur Constantly on the hunt for the best Haze & Sour Diesel I'll let you know if its piff

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