Strain Review: Terra Herer by Terraform Genetics

Brand- @terraformgenetics

Strain- #terraherer

Lineage/Genetics: (Jack Herer x Super Skunk x Haze)

Original Breeder/Grower: Terraform Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Terra Herer Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

(Review Posted)

Background: The Brand that offers there ⅛ Jars at 4.20 Gr*
Per Scale Measures: 4.3 (thank you for the little extra) try to look more into this brand via research but none was found. There home dispensary is located in Studio City (San Fernando Valley) @whtcla_studiocity

Genetics: Jack Herer X Super Skunk X Haze

Appearance: you can expect it to be pepper shaped buds, along with the classic golden look with greenish and yellowish hairs and along with the frosty cover trichomes, and lets not forget about those nice orange hairs as well that you can expect with a good sativa.

Aroma: if you haven’t tried this strain or even the genetics that make this flower, then you can expect the pine-sol smell along with the earthy and woody and with some citrus aroma coming from this flower. It smells great and you just want to eat it.

Effects: Cerebral mode to the fullest, and with the creative side along with some nice euphoria sensation world opening up mode, oh also if you are not sociable this make change things up for a bit & and you will be open but STONED too, so just be careful who you are speaking with because they might said yup this one is out of it.

Overall: Well what can i say this is a brand that really exceed my expectations from the initial moment i when by there home dispensary of (WHTC)
in Studio City i was met with the nicest security from the 1st interaction to meeting there budtender,(name to be listed) and from picking up this strain along with the Customer Appreciation Day i was offer a 1G of there Jealousy, which i unfortunately did not review at this time, but expecting to pick up more from this brand in the upcoming weeks. Overall price for this brand for me I paid about Forty Eight Dollars with Tax Included but I do have a Medical Recommendation so I do save a few bucks. Even without it your overall would not go over Sixty Dollars, ill compare this to big brands but they at least offer a bit more Weight. Pick them up and you won’t be disappointed.

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Check out more reviews and content by @stoneybearreviews on Instagram! (

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