The Cannabis Maker Podcast is the best cannabis podcast in the world

Brought to you by Liam and Øystein from Nordic Herb Zone, David from WeCann, and Cory from ResinateCannabis Inc., The Cannabis Maker Podcast is a trailblazing podcast for the cannabis enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for cannabis industry insights and trends, growing tips, little known cannabis history, the latest news, interviews with industry superstars, something to put on in the background for your cats or plants to resonate to, or whatever… The Cannabis Maker Podcast is what your ears have been perking up for.

Why is “The Cannabis Maker” the best Cannabis Podcast in the world?

I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts in my day while searching for my true north when it comes to cannabis podcasts (Shout out to 2x speed for helping in that arduous endeavor) and in my high opinion, The Cannabis Maker should be held in the highest esteem. It’s high time that we had a podcast that I can listen to at high noon, while high, and learn something. Every time I listen in on The Cannabis Maker Podcast, I learn at least 4.2 new things. Welcome to the herb zone.

What really makes this particular cannabis podcast stand out: This podcast is recorded on Clubhouse and released on Spotify. What that means for those that are looking for the best potcast is that there’s actually two ways to enjoy The Cannabis Maker: Live on Clubhouse or after the fact on Spotify. The latter is the classic podcast experience. Each episode is tastefully edited to cut down the total time. Live on Clubhouse, though, is what sets apart The Cannabis Maker Podcast from all the other cannabis podcasts. Those that like the authentic experience and even want to jump in with a question, the Clubhouse room is the place to be. Seriously, if you want to join… You can. We can!

The Cannabis Maker is what you get when you mix knowledgable hosts from around the world and a topic that just can’t stop – won’t stop. Join live on Clubhouse for the Cannabis Maker at 11:20AM Pacific daily. The best bet would be to check out The Cannabis Maker Podcast’s new website. Also, join The Cannabis Maker Podcast Club on Clubhouse and follow on Spotify.

PS: Taste the terps.


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