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The Tangled Roots Store is your one stop shop for highly sought after genetics from deep within the Emerald Triangle. Whether you’re looking for Huckleberry Hill Farms seeds, Ridgline Farm seeds, Canna Country Farms seeds, Hogwash Farms seeds, or any other CA legacy genetics seeds from CA Legacy or not… Tangled Roots is the store for you. Tangled Roots has verified cannabis seeds from:

Huckleberry Hill Farms

Click Here to visit their website. @huckleberryhillfarms on Instagram.

Ridgeline Farms

Click Here to visit their website @ridgeline_farms on Instagram.

Cannacountry Farms

@cannacountryfarms on Instgram.

Hogwash Farms

 @hogwashpharms on Instagram.

CA Legacy

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Where else can you buy seeds of Margie’s Magic and know that the seeds are coming right from the source? Check out all the interesting crosses made with multi award winning genetics. Use code ‘THC10’ to save 10% at Tangled Roots Store.
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