The Highest Point in Georgia Is Brasstown Bald

In a little over two hours, you can drive from Georgia’s tallest building (The Bank of America Plaza building) to Georgia’s highest point, Brasstown Bald. Georgia is a very diverse state, filled with both urban and rural areas. Although people usually prefer staying in one over the other, they are both worth visiting in order to see memorable places. Whether you live in Georgia or are just visiting, the Bank of America Plaza and Brasstown Bald are both impressive places to take a look at.

Brasstown Bald: The History of the highest peak in Georgia

This mountain is otherwise known as Enotah to those who settled it, the native Cherokee people. It is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is mainly composed of dunite and soapstone. The peak of Brasstown Bald is divided by the county line of Towns and Union county. It is in a more rural area, which is the polar opposite of the area that Georgia’s tallest building is in. Even so, from Brasstown Bald it is possible to see the taller buildings of Atlanta — such as the Bank of America Plaza.

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