The Tallest Building in Atlanta, Georgia Is the Bank of America Plaza Building

The tallest building in Atlanta, and all of Georgia for that matter, is the Bank of America Plaza building. It has gone by many different names in the past. Most people don’t know what the tallest building in Atlanta is, let alone the whole state of Georgia. – Editor’s note

The state of Georgia is best known for its capital, Atlanta. There is certainly a good cause for this: the world’s busiest airport of Hartsfield-Jackson, the Marta train system, the CNN news station, and the civil rights movement are just a few. But one of the most admirable things about Atlanta is the Bank of America Plaza, the tallest building in all of Georgia.

Bank of America Plaza: The History of the tallest building in Atlanta, Georgia

The Bank of America Plaza, completed in 1992, has been up for almost three decades. Standing at 1,023 feet, it is the 106th tallest building in the world, the sixteenth tallest in both North America and the United States, and the tallest in the southeast. This building has fifty-five floors above ground along with a total of twenty-four elevators. An interesting fact about the Plaza is that it has had two former names, NationsBank being the one that it was built with. Banking mergers, however, caused the name to change.

Image by Connor.carey at Wikipedia English via CC By 3.0 License.

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