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Strain Review: Heavy Duck Sauce by East Side Eggroll x Ted’s Budz Co

Lineage/Genetics: Platinum Zkittlez x Gelato 41 Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: East Side Eggroll x Teds Budz Co Terpene Profile: Unknown

Heavy Duck Sauce Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

heavy duck sauce by teds budz strain review by wl_official619 Heavy Duck Sauce 🦆 Platinum Zkittlez ❌ Gelato 41 @tedsbudzco_ NOSE: Lemon peal custard with a zesty earthy profile on the back end👃🏼 DRY PULL: Sweet CITRUS cream with an elegant earthy gas backbone 👅 STRUCTURE: layered & towering nug structure that shows off clusters of developed rich trich colas up and down. Bright and dark Christmas green shades flaunt as its dominant color scheme. Scarce bundles of orange pistils standing out in pockets of concentrated patterns of trichomes. Random sugar leaf glistens. Thick stems and a fresh sticky grind🔥 TASTE PROFILE: SWEET rich z terps overshadowing a tart gassy layer. In hale is bright tart citrus fruit like a distant pomegranate flavor followed by candy fumes on the exhale💨 Smooth, inviting, and expanding taste profile with complexity that opens up on the finish💨 Heavier smoke as resin builds keeps you licking your lips as you get higher🔥 EFFECTS/DURATION: an immediate heady elevating sensation that builds to an intoxicating body experience. Short mental stimulation followed by a heavy couch lock effect. A steep ride into a heavy body experience takes over. Obvious effect felt before during and after peak high. Come down is pleasant with a smooth relaxing groggy drift. Inevitable munchie effect. Extended effects 50+ min PEAK high ⏰ First time trying HDS and it did not disappoint. A cure that brings out so many elements in this bud is what really stands out to me. It’s overly intoxicating effects for me highlight its qc to not only bag appeal but potency as well🔥 if you’re one of my day 1 followers you know teds is one of my favorites to review! GRADE: 9/10🏅 WBA 🌟 I care about what YOU smoke‼️ Let me know what your rollin up!! LOVE heavy duck sauce by teds budz strain review by wl_official619 2
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Check out more reviews by @wl_official619 on Instagram! (

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