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Strain Review: Grapevine Gasoline by Decibel Gardens

Grapevine Gasoline ⛽️ Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Decibel Gardens @decibelgardens Terpene Profile: Unknown

Grapevine Gasoline Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

grapevine gasolin by decibel gardens strain review by wl_official619 2 NOSE: Over ripe dark fruit like a tart plum. Pungent Sweet diesel terps mixed with an earthy fresh soil👃🏼 DRY PULL: An inviting earthy grape flavor with hints of gas. Sweet on the lips 👄 STRUCTURE: Bold & protruding nug structure with isolated colas forming on thin- stiff stems. Thick soft orange velvet hairs compliment a calm purple undertone color scheme. Light green base color thts iced out in a frosted trich layer❄️ TASTE PROFILE: instant sweet pungent gas that follows with a taffy grape profile on the exhale💨 sappy&sweet with expansive smoke that builds as the resin does. A sour grape flavor takes over with rubber diesel terps on the lips🔥 EFFECTS/DURATION: instant mental stimulation that transcends into a mind fog the more you consume. Body buzzing, mind numbing stoner effect grows as things begin to slow down. Comfortable being social but over relaxed. Dry mouth and increased appetite. Extended effects 45+ min PEAK high ⏰ GRADE: 8.0/10🏅 WBA 🌟 Jam packed terps 🍇 Its effects rounded out with a sedating calm energy that made me feel like I really got my dollars worth 💵 Top notch terps at a fair price, I WBA forsure🔥 *** 1st pic is natural lighting☀️ last two are enclosed 📸 which do you like more? *** I care about what YOU smoke‼️ Let me know what your rollin up!! LOVE grapevine gasolin by decibel gardens strain review by wl_official619
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Check out more reviews by @wl_official619 on Instagram! (

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