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Strain Review: Roswell 47 by Decibel Gardens

Roswell 47 🛸 @decibelgardens1 Lineage/Genetics: Unknown original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Decibel Gardens Terpene Profile: Unknown

Roswell 47 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

roswell 47 by decibel gardens strain review by wl_official619 2 NOSE: a quick Fruit forward nose with citrus earthy undertones 👃🏼 DRY PULL: dark fruit flavor on the palate that dissipates to a sweet gassy flavor on the lips 👄 STRUCTURE: dense nug structures separated on thin stems. A hairy trich layer overlaps a dominant lime green base color with strong deep purple hues scattered throughout. Ginger orange hairs squeezing through its dense seems with an obvious compliment to the flower🔥 TASTE PROFILE: a sweet berries&cream inhale that develops into a very SMOOTH calming sweet earthy exhale💨 minor hints of pepper on the back end but overall very relaxing exhale through each rip💨 With more complexity upfront and a smooth exhale, I believe this flower checks off a lot of boxes✅ straight to the point here🔥💨 EFFECTS/DURATION: Instant euphoric relaxation felt in the shoulders down. Towards PEAK high- an uplifting blissful mental effect begins to take off 🚀 overall body effect felt in phases. Come down is heavy with couch lock and munchies🔥 45+ min PEAK high ⏰ GRADE: 8.5🏅 I care about what YOU smoke‼️ Let me know what your rollin up!! LOVE roswell 47 by decibel gardens strain review by wl_official619
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Check out more reviews by @wl_official619 on Instagram! (

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