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Strain Review: Widows Glaze by Maven Genetics

Widows Glaze 🕷 strain @mavengeneticsofficial Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknkown Grower: Maven Genetics Terpene Profile: Unknown

Widows Glaze Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

widows glaze by maven genetics strain review by wl_official619 22 NOSE: a Sweet Onion & Garlic melody with a faint earthy citrus lingering 👃🏼 DRY PULL: SWEET HERBAL & SOFT👄💨 STRUCTURE: Dense & appealing lightweight nug structure. A plush blanket of glistening trichomes dominates a green base- as a strong violet color scheme encompasses plentiful colas originating from the bottom up. Extensive pumpkin orange hairs compliment and define🔥a glistening shine is hard to ignore✨ TASTE PROFILE: Instant sweet onion & woodsy mushroom- that transitions to delicate floral lilac notes on an elegant exhale💨 layered and expansive smoke demonstrating complexity from start to finish🔥a lasting resin flavor on the lips builds as hints of orchid, diesel, and lavender come through🔥 EFFECTS/DURATION: a strong high that begins at the eyes 👀 A clear mental relaxation that trickles to the rest of the body as you take yourself higher💨 lightweight body effect with heavy feet. Laxed shoulders and mental bliss that’s sure to keep you still for an extended period of time. Slow thought process & confident comfort. Evident munchie effects and groggy come down. Extended effects 40+ min PEAK high ⏰ GRADE: 8.5/10🏅 I care about what YOU smoke‼️Let me know what your rollin up!! LOVE widows glaze by maven genetics strain review by wl_official619
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Check out more reviews by @wl_official619 on Instagram! (

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