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Support Small Regenerative Farmers of Actually Pesticide-Free Weed

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Emerald Triangle, CA] In light of the recent LA Times and Weed Week report revealing the presence of illegal and unregulated pesticides in many legal cannabis products found in legal dispensaries, small regenerative farmers across California have been urging consumers to rethink their purchasing and sourcing decisions.

The Investigation found that despite supposedly stringent regulations, well known brands are still coming up hot. What’s worse, the Department of Cannabis Control knew about this and still went ahead with a multi million dollar campaign claiming that all legal weed was safe.

Regenerative Farmers Are Guardians of Clean Cannabis

Small regenerative farmers have long been dedicated to cultivating cannabis with a focus on more-than-sustainable processes and a keen eye on the carbon footprint of their cannabis. Unlike larger operations, these farmers manage every possible aspect of the growing process – especially the inputs. There are no forcefed plants via osmosis, just happy plants.

Some Regenerative Cannabis BuzzWords to Consider When Making Your Next Purchase

  • Purity and Safety: Regenerative farmers adhere to natural growing practices which means NO PESTICIDES, often exceeding state and even federal safety standards to provide you with the cleanest possible product.
  • Sustainability: Our methods are environmentally friendly, promoting biodiversity and reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Community and Tradition: We are rooted in our communities, preserving traditional farming techniques learned from the Indigenous stewards of the local ecosystem and also supporting local economies.
  • Transparency: Small farmers are more accessible and accountable.

As consumers, YOU have the power to make informed choices that support your health and well-being. What you put into your body matters. By choosing regeneratively grown cannabis, you not only protect yourself from potentially harmful substances but also support the few farmers who are genuinely committed to the integrity of the plant.

Join Us in Elevating Cannabis Standards: Choose Regeneratively Grown Cannabis

We invite you to experience the difference that craft farming makes. Learn more about regenerative cannabis growing practices by following Cannabis Horticulture Association.

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The Highest Critic Newswise features the latest cannabis industry news releases and press releases.

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