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Hash Review: Hot Tropic Fresh Press Rosin by Ein Bae Hash

Hot Tropic @einbaehash

Lineage/Geneitcs: Fire OG x Trop Cookies

Original Breeder: Unknown

Processor: Ein Bae Hash

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Hot Tropic Rosin Review

hot tropic fresh press rosin by ein bae hash hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2jpg

I finished this jar a few months ago, before taking review notes- but its fire terps & high quality performance are still fresh on my mind (& palette) all this time later. The jar opens to show a beautiful stone shaped slab of clean, clear, golden freshpress, completely filled w/ large mesmerizing bubbles & small white cells while having a few rare surface streaks shining off its yellow-gold interior. The freshpress is thick, sturdy, & stable. The rosin has a hard ‘rock-candy’ break off when freshly out the freeze, & has a gooey long stretching taffy-like scoop when warmed to room temp & especially after the cure eventually slowly but surely settles in.

The profile leads w/ a powerfully gassy but also sweet & sour lemon pledge profile, w/ a bold fumey diesel fuel that really emphasizes the earthy herbal og kush terps the profile has to offer. Underlining the lemon, pinesol, & og kush terps, is a hot spicy tropical citrus twist that has notes of hot herbal spicy haze, fiery orange cinnamon citrus, & zesty sugary lemon-lime. The profile then has moderate overtones of a funky creamy hoppy veggie layer, w/ a corn starchy tractor-fuel sour-dank chem finish. The oil burns clean, & last for 1:40+ durations offering fat clouds & mouth coating flavor.

The vapor is incredibly gassy- straight gassy lemon fuel kush terps hitting the lungs during the inhale & fueling the exhale, w/ that hot tropical spicy citrus adding a zesty lemon-lime & orange citrus twist to the heavy lemon pledge og kush terps while the creamy hoppy veggie corn starchy tractor fuel layer leaves a nice savory aftertaste. The flavor & vapor was solid, as well as the oils performance. The effects hit w/ some mild creative/social/euphoric uplift, followed up by a heavy stoney relaxation powered by the heavy lemon-kush terps that offer a heady intoxication as well as a moderate sedation by the end of the 2.5hr buzz. All around the hot tropic was fire, lemon lovers, OG kush fans, & citrus seekers alike will love this one. 🍯 @dabndip710 🙏

Quality: 9.49/10
Enjoyment: 9.69/10
OA: 9.59/10

hot tropic fresh press rosin by ein bae hash hash review by cali_bud_reviews

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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