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Hash Review: Motorbreath OG Fresh Press Rosin by Ein Bae Hash

MotorBreath @einbaehash @swankgenetics

Lineage/Genetics: Chemdog x SFV OG

Original Breeder: Picses Genetics

Grower: Swank Genetics

Processor: Ein Bae Hash

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Ein Bae Hash Fresh Press Motorbreath OG Rosin Review

Consistency Reel Slide 10

motorbreath og fresh press rosin by ein bae hash hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg

The original jar opens to reveal a perfect oval mound of beautiful fresh-pressed rosin of amber color w/ yellow-green undertones & large white bubbles completely filling the clear coated hard candy textured freshpress, giving it a mesmerizing starry-glow. The stable hard candy texture fresh out the freeze requires snap N pull tech to break off a nice chunk. The second jar I grabbed of it many weeks later had just a tad bit more gooey/goopiness to it from a nice natural cure slowly but surely starting to settle in, adding a bit more creamy white colored swirls & undertones to the clear-amber overtones giving it a slight creamy white & green hues as it continues to cure over, which eventually turns mostly white in the final stages. The half-cured jar had creamy long stretching scoops, resembling taffy as you twirl the dab tool to reel in a goopy glob. The extremely loud nose comes from a complex combination of sour dank OG backed w/ sweet but sour gassy lemon fuel, & sour chem diesel, that’s made from a bold fumey motor oil diesel & a southern sulfuric garlic chem funky fuel. The og part of the profile has that classic sfv og sour skunky vulgar pungency, that’s also earthy & herbal, but it also seems to have a sweet but sharp lime citrus & lemon citrus fuel that really adds a sweet gassiness to the sour funky gassiness. Behind the full frontal assault of gassy complexions, is a musky funky sour hops & herbal spicey corn starchy vegetable layer, that has an ethanol / tractor fuel kick. The vapor translates the nose perfectly, w/ zero distortion & zero plantiness, but w/ a whole hell of a lot of flavor that coats the mouth in sour dank og, chem fuel, & sour veggie-musk while that surprising sweet n sour lime citrus pungency fully emerges & adds a sharp sweetness to the gassy funky fuel profile. The vapor is mostly smooth, while being incredibly gassy, giving the sesh consistent lung ripping chest expansions.

OA: 9.64/10
Vapor, flavor, & Burn Continued
The Vapor is super tasty, & has strong flavor strength, I especially love the clarity of the terps on the mouth, inhale & exhale alike, that combination really sets up your pallate to receive a long lasting aftertaste of sour dank og & funky chem diesels as well as lime citrus pungency, herbal spices, & earthiness. The cleanliness of the vapor was really nice, and it was also pretty smooth- especially when considering how extraordinarily gassy it was. The gassiness leads to a minor touch of heat on the throat during the exhale but it’s actually quite satisfactory in that ‘throat punch’ type of way. The expando lung is chronic, leading to a long lasting lung expansion that last for 30 minutes after the session which doubles down on the intensity of the onset. The fresh press burns & melts pretty clean, when it’s still fresh the session last for long durations of about 1:30-1:45 at 490 high vapor in the 3dxl. As the rosin starts to cure up the sessions do become a bit shorter duration, around 1 minute at 490 3dxl, but the terps and flavor are emphasized even more in the half-cured stage which I enjoy even more.

Overall Satisfaction: 9.64/10

The effects are super heavy, it hits hard with an intoxicating potency, that hits with an exhilarating chest rush as well as a euphoric mental rush that’s engulfed in heavy head pressure, headband pressure, low-eye, & red-eye as a powerful couch lock settles in that leads to chronic sedation, munchies, and eventually sleep. Killer pain relief & stress relief. Amazing meds from the og & chem lineages. A true powerhouse strain. It does have some focus and energy hiding in the onsets rush but the heaviness dominates it- allowing the powerful rush to have zero anxiety or tension. A1 meds.

This jar blew me away both times. The quality is awesome, the performance is awesome, & the preferences hit hard even a full gas strain which is something I rarely choose- but am totally glad I did. The cleanliness is peaked, which for me is the most important part of the session, clean vapor with no distortion or flavor loss. The terps were super loud, which is a nice bonus for fresh press which usually has those nose terps semi- sealed in. The shelf life was proper at cold temps, even the jar I bought much later on was still mostly fresh-press and kept a slow rate of cure progression. The lung pressure and intensity of the vapor was prime- as well as the flavor strength, cleanliness and smoothness. The effects and potency were some of the most enjoyable I’ve had in freshpress, given I mostly smoke for flavors and usually not for powerhouses but this MotorBreath definitely excels in both! Shout out @dabndip710 for the assists on the heaters.

motorbreath og fresh press rosin by ein bae hash hash review by cali_bud_reviews

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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