Strain Review: Larry OG by Nectar Farms

Larry OG (SFV OG x OG Kush) by @aznectarfarms from @swcarizona

Lineage/Genetics: SFV OG x OG Kush

Original Breeder: Apothecary Genetics

Grower: Nectar Farms

Dispensary: SWC Arizona

Larry OG Strain Review

Another first time strain on the slumpy train🚂 Picked this one up a little over a week ago when SWC was having a 20% deal on all pre-packed jars. Two of my favorite OGs combined into one damn strain? You bet your asscheeks I grabbed this one without hesitation. As usual, I was too damn eager to get into this one!

First impressions you get those classic light/dark green nugs with trichomes embedded deep into the buds. One of those stains where it doesn’t fully impress you until you bust that mf open, now you’re stuck lookin like this 😳 The hairs are an awkward light brown/salmon like color which resolves in them getting a little lost in all the frost unless they’re clumped up in a hair ball😂 The only thing to be picky about appearance wise is the lack of trim..In my opinion for some reason I dont mind OG strains having a lil baby fat left on them from their childhood🤰🏼

Twist the top and you’re met by clean pine, mildewy grass, herbal earthiness with slight
musk on the backend and a weird little dash of sweet chocolate🍫 Post grind completely switches to a musky mint with a 70/30 mint dominance. Reminded me of a pinky tip amount of VixVapor rub. All around just a very clean and well cured smelling bud.

The flavor was okay but not great. More on the earthy side with slight pepper. Once the earthy peppery dies out, the kush slowly comes in for the aftertaste. The smoke was decent but kind of left we wanting more.

The effects is where this bud takes the 👑 Comes on fairly quickly to the top of the head right behind the forehead and slowly makes it way behind the eyeballs. Exhale the second rip and hear comes the train horn. Entire body goes into deep stoney relaxation💆🏽‍♂️Mind is incredibly spacey, scrambled, and buzzin like a 🐝 All I can say is she’s potent👀

So far out of the 4 strains I have tried from Nectar, this one is by far the best one💪🏽 And not to mention the cure on this was PERFECT👌🏽 I have to keep it real tho and say I would not pay the full $50 (before tax) for this one again. I did enjoy it but It did not wow me enough to feel like I truly got my moneys worth.

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Check out more reviews by @slumpysmokes on Instagram! (

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