Strain Review: Mandarin Cookies by Genesis Bioceuticals

Mandarin Cookies (Mandarin Sunset x Forum Cut Cookies)

Lineage/Genetics: Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies x Mandarin Sunset

Original Breeder: Ethos Genetics

Grower: Genesis Bioceuticals

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Genesis Bioceuticals Mandarin Cookies Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

What’s good everybody, i’m back with some more special shit💨 First off Id like say thank you very much to Walter @genbioaz for presenting me the opportunity to tour their amazing facility. They’re the definition of quality over quantity and it shows in every every sq inch of their facility. I could go on all day but I don’t have enough characters lol. Anyways without further ado, let’s mingle about this mandarin🍊

This boulder built bud is hands down one the most solid and dense buds I have ever handled. In slide 4 it felt as if I was attempting to snap the stock of a fresh head of broccoli🥦 Upon snappage, beautiful colors of bright fresh green and rich dark purple leave you mesmerized. The thick resin blanket reminds me of french toasted dusted in powdered sugar. This batch could easily pass off as MAC’s twin sibling👨‍👦

My nose was greeted by a pleasant sweet kush mixed with a fruity citrus aroma🍇🍊It reminded me of popping open a bag of dried apricots as a kid. Break at the nose and a very sweet citrus n grape floods the nostrils. I’ve never had a strain be sweet & citrusy at the same time while still balancing each other out. This is hands down one of the sweetest strains I’ve smelled and it reminded me of Mohaves ‘Jilly Bean’ but a much sweeter version.

Unfortunately I was a little disappointed due to the fact that the amazing sweetness did not transfer to the taste.. Instead I received a musky earthy flavor on inhale and a musky kush aftertaste. I will say however the smoke was quite smooth. Even though the flavor is not what I was expecting, the taste stuck around for a bit which I thought was enjoyable.

Similar to the flavor, I believe the effects were solid but left me wanting more. I felt my first hit not behind my eyes necessarily but more so my top eye lid/eyebrows. Slightly light headed and surprisingly felt an immense amount of body relief, especially my back. However the feeling was more HEFTY rather than HEAVY. My body felt slightly wavy but very relaxed head to toe. I feel like the effects need just a little more umph but nevertheless still a clean relaxing high.

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All in all I was pleased with this batch of cookies. The flavor and effects had me wanting a little more but I would have no problem smoking on this one again. I have 2 more strains I will be posting about as well so stay tuned. Thank you again to Walter @genbioaz for blessing me with the sample🤝

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