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Strain Review: Animal Face by Tierra Grow

Animal Face (Animal Mints x Face Off OG) By: @tierragrow_az From: @kindmedsarizona Lineage/Genetics: Face Off OG x Animal Mints Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics Grower: Tierra Grow Distributor: Kind Meds

Tierra Grow Animal Face Review

Whaats poppin cannomies🍁 Its hump day but we don’t smoke camels over here🚭 Just the pretty green plant that makes all our stress disappear✨Todays strain of the day is the beloved Animal Face🦁 Crossing the Hall of Fame Animal Mints with the legendary Face Off OG. Two absolute powerhouses collide on a mission to really fuck your shit the best way possible. If you’ve tried either of those strains you know damn well what i’m talking about💪🏽 Like usual, you already know I was anxious to swap faces👺 Thick dense boulder-built buds straight dunked in resin❄️ Beautiful dark orange pistols that are more on the thinner side but still catch the eye. And when I say the cure was impeccable I mean IMPECCABLE. Literal rock status but broken down it’s like moon sand. Most proper cure i’ve had in a long time. The smell out the jar was present but not as loud as I anticipated. Mostly just a subtle cookie n cream aroma from the Animal Mints. However once it’s broken down it shifts into more of that loud funky musk you would expect from cookies. There was also heavy notes of mint that I felt kind of overpowered the Face Off so it was difficult to detect the OG without really sniffin for it. To sum it up, it smells like you took a piece of 5 gum and spread some bho batter all over it😂 Flavor on the inhale is a creamy slight herbal musk with that minty musk finish. Sad to say the OG did not make its way to the pallet however there’s this small note of kush that lingers on the tongue after exhale. Smoke was smooth and enjoyable. In my opinion, I was more of a fan of the aftertaste. I’ve noticed over time you have to respect these two strains because damn they creep like a mf. Felt like it traveled up my spine into the back of my head where it added some weight and slowed things down. Eyes get heavier and heavier as time goes on like you’re on a slump clock⏳ Full body relaxation feels like you’re on an inner tube at the Salt River🏞 Then ultimately knocking your ass the fuck out🥊 This one is definitely one of my favorites by Team Tierra no question. From bag appeal, freshness and effects this is one I would want in my jar at all times if possible. The medicinal effect this strain has is always top notch. If you love indicas and seek full body relaxation, I highly recommend you put on the Animal Face🦁💪🏽 @tierragrow_az WE NEED ANOTHER DROP OF ANIMAL FACE TO @kindmedsarizona ASAP PLEASE🙏🏽 #animalface #animalmints #faceoffog #tierragrow #tierragrowaz #kindmeds #kindmedsarizona #fire #quality #gas #frosty #furry #hairy #realmedicine #medicine #medicalmarijuana #mmj #mmjarizona #mmjpatient #mmjcommunity #mmjlifestyle #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #arizonacannabis #arizonacannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #cannabissociety #cannabisreviews #arizonacannabisreviews #slumpysmokesreviews
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Check out more reviews by @slumpysmokes on Instagram! (

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