Strain Review: HeadBanger by Tierra Grow

HeadBanger (Sour Diesel x Biker Kush) By: @tierragrow_az From: @kindmedsarizona

Lineage/Genetics: Sour Diesel x Biker Kush

Original Breeder: Karma Genetics

Grower: Tierra Grow

Distributor: Kind Meds

Tierra Grow HeadBanger Review

Next up in the spotlight is one of my personal favorites from team tierra. This one right here is for all you hybrid lovers. Want that uplifting sativa feel without the overwhelming anxiety? Here’s your solution. It’s labeled as a 70/30 however this feels like more of a 60/40 AT MOST. That doesn’t seem like a huge difference however the Sour D is barely more dominant so saying it’s 50/50 would be false. Either way based off the genetics alone I was hype to see how this headbanger hit🤯

So it’s a little difficult to get solid pics of popcorn buds with an iphone but I tried my best lmao. These buds may be small but they pack them big ass astronaut helmet trichome heads🧑🏼‍🚀 Camera does this one 0 justice. As usual gorgeous pistols poppin throughout the buds like tape worms feasting🪱

Buds reek of rich sour gas that tickle the nose upon interaction👃🏽 Broken down it’s like you added water to a grease fire. Major pungent sour musk straight stings the nostrils with a slight funky coconut finish on the end🥥 If I ever get the opportunity to grow this in the future, I promise you it will become my cologne.

Flavor is very balanced. On inhale it’s a sour earthy pepper that transitions into a floral musk on exhale that slightly lingers. The cure on this shit was proper as fuck. Stupid sticky but what shocked me was how amazingly it broke down by hand. Never had a strain this sticky able to break down this easy.

That 70/30 ratio kinda shows back up in the effects category. First hit goes straight to the dome no stoplights instantly going to work on clearing out any clutter in your thoughts🧠 This kinda felt like a rosin dab to me based off of how clear headed it made me feel. Hella uplifting hittin behind the eyes but not crazy heavy. Body feels relaxed however more upper than lower.

Now the reason I love this strain so much is because you get the uplifted sativa effect without ANY anxiety or paranoia. I mean this is hands down one of the best sativas I’ve smoked to date. Most make my heart beat like a fuckin rock concert but this shit is the truth. You can smoke this shit anytime of the day and be A-okay👌🏽😉 But watch out for that 30% biker..he rides a mongoose🚴🏽 #headbanger #sourdiesel #bikerkush #tierragrow #tierragrowaz #kindmeds #kindmedsarizona #fire #quality #gas #frosty #furry #hairy #realmedicine #medicine #medicalmarijuana #mmj #mmjarizona #mmjpatient #mmjcommunity #mmjlifestyle #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #arizonacannabis #arizonacannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #cannabissociety #cannabisreviews #arizonacannabisreviews #slumpysmokesreviews

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