Strain Review: Mendo Breathe by johnnyappleseeds

Mendo Breathe

Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush Breath (OGKB) x Mendo Montage

Original Breeder: Gage Green Genetics

Grower: JohnnyAppleseeds

Terpene Profile: Unknown

johnnyappleseeds Mendo Breathe Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Whaaat is poppin pot smokers💨 Due to the fact that AZ dispos carry consistent mids I do not post as much anymore. However when something special like this comes across my pallet, how could I not rant about it. First time smoking organic and let me just say, @_johnnyappleseeds created no ordinary Mendo..

Ultra dense buds straight smothered in frost like gravy over biscuits🥖 The second I saw this batch I thought of a dark purple MAC pheno😈 The resin production is phenomenal. Smothered with mature midget heads, the glimmer these give off more so resembles a ring with a cluster of diamonds rather than 1 big diamond. Both diamonds shine phenomenally, however the big stones (aka giant resin glands) will always shine just a slight notch more. Nevertheless, this batch is sure to catch even the most seasoned smokers eyes👀

The second I cracked the seal my nose was greeted by fresh grape preserves with a hint of gas⛽️ As soon as I broke a nug, it smelled like a straight up gas leak was occurring. Rich diesel funk with a black licorice on the back end. Even though the gas of the OGKB started to take over, not once did the mendo get lost. I would have to say that this is hands down the most perfect ratio of sweetness/gas I have ever encountered. 🍇⛽️

The smoke is where shit really got interesting. You ever tried a Gatorade Flow and realized how shitty regular gatorade is after? This is exactly that situation. You get all the amazing terps the strain has to offer without leaving that irritating resin film on your tongue. My tastebuds were first met by a creamy earthiness that was shockily enjoyable. I have never actually enjoyed earthy terps before because they always taste like a campfire. However the creamy earthiness transfers to an earthy kush which was even more enjoyable to my tastebuds. The aftertaste is hands down the cleanest I have ever encountered. Just extremely clean, light, refreshing & smooth. I could smoke on this one for hours and my lungs wouldn’t feel heavy & caked whatsoever.

The effects are identical to the smoke, clean. Very level headed, extremely relaxed, calm mind but not slow. Hit more like a head high to me however my body was still very relaxed but not sluggish. My eyes felt very heavy but not to the point where I couldn’t keep them open..atleast for the first few hrs😂 Last pic pretty much sums it up😴 That organic hit different💀💪🏽



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