Strain Review: D.M.T. 3 by Royal Key Organics

***D.M.T. 3*** by @royal_key_organics


Original Breeder/Grower: Royal Key Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

D.M.T. 3 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

d.m.t. 3 by royal key organics cultivar review by toptierterpsma 2Ive been patiently awaiting the drop from Royal Key Organics for 2 mo. Finally *DMT 3* and *CANDY WALLS*!

Right off the bat the containers and packaging are fancy pants! Blacked out jars tht you can later reuse for sure. The gold/black contrast makes them really pop. I usually dont mention the packaging but in this case i had to.

The DMT nugs are gorgeous. Pink and blue, violet hues weave their way throughout the nugs. These were hand trimmed, no butchers or shavers here, thankfully! There were 4 x mid sized nuggets, no shake, no larf.
The cure is done perfectly! The nugs are squishy, spongey but bouncy. I had no issues rolling and puffing a J.

First whiff and im getting a strong wallop of sweet, musky overtones with undertones of menthol and pine and hints of senior breath (a very musty deep tone).
Its quite complex and i spent a good 10 minutes sniffing, taking breaks smelling coffee (Coffee contains nitrogen, which helps smells and odors)
A good sign of quality cannabis is the accuracy of scent-flavor transition. With most commercial grows, you will often have a good smell but absolutely no taste.
With this DMT the transition is very accurate.
1st taste is a totally enveloping sweetness. Not a lot of pine but i do get some hints of menthol in the after taste. Musky terps come through & linger on the palate, completing the flavor profile.
Ash is snow white and no gunk after a bowl. This is an incredibly pleasant & tasty smoke indeed.

Not the most couch locking herb. It a creeps a bit an takes about 7-10 min to really get the full feel of the buzz. 1st sensation is hazy eye pressure. Feels like a slowly lowering curtain.
A pleasant body feel tht relaxes & soothes follows suit-perfect for relaxing after work.

All things considered, ***D.M.T. 3*** *HIT IT* (Hit it or Quit it) and a *HEADSTASH REC* for sure (Headstash Rec or Trash It rec)

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