Strain Review: Frozen Grapes by Small Boutique Farms

-COMA J- Contents/Prep-

Phewww!!! This ***FROZEN GRAPES*** flower from
@smallboutiquefarms_instanty became a Top 3 for
flowers this year.

Lineage/Genetics: (Grape God x Grape Stomper OG) x Banana Split

Original Breeder: Gus’ Unique Selections

Grower: Small Boutique Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Frozen Grapes Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

J at SBF has done a magnificent job with these
genetics I have tried flowers deemed as Frozen Grapes
but this is on another level.

He was able to combine the supersweet gas with hints
if anice, umami, truffle undertones.

This flower SMACKS!! straight to the dome
accompanied by a ‘industrial rubber band eye and
temple pressure.

The flavor is such tht if the effects were literally
nonexistent, i would still get it. and im not really in the ‘i
smoke for flavor ONLY’ camp.

The scent to glavor transfer is very accurate. What you
smell is ehat you taste and vice versa.

The F.G envelop your entie mouth, lips, throat and pallet.
A true boutique flowers with some ridiculously amazing
genetics. I fell in love instantly.

J’s & blunts smoke ultra smooth. no harshness on the
inhale/exhale. but when it exhales it does so with a
vengeance as the expansion is massive!

Overall this is a very close 10/10. Very impressed my
dude! you have real talent.

I have not yet sampled the ***GUAVA TAFFY*** flower
by @rosegardensca

Nugs are fluffy and do take into consideration these are
smalls and farily old. Nugs look very similar to Blue
Dream in structure. Im humidfying the nugs so i can portray an accurate
scent report.

@smallboutiquefarms_ @terp.atelier @hashsommelier @rosegardensca @cold.curated



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