Strain Review: Grape God by The Grapeman

Grape God🍇✨

Lineage/Genetics: Godbud x Grapefruit

Original Breeder: Next Generation Seed Company

Grower: The Grapeman

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Grape God Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Bred/grown by @the_grapeman
*100 %live organic soil
🔌 @alien_organics96
Earthy ,fresh herbal withva subtle sweet cream note and a deep but soft and welcoming, potent fruity grape with pine notes. Theres a deep sweet danky funk within the blend of aromatic layers. A uniquely addictininqlg aroma
The nugs have a long look with soft velvety forest and olive green bulbous and fluffy kushy leaves with some darker grape hues bleeding to violet as you get closer to the stem, the darker grape hues dominate the outer layer of some nugs. theres a nice density ratio each nug, they breakdown well into a full lush pieces. Frosty Trichomes are white with a slight bluish beige tint and caked on in a thick layer that covers the flower completely and adds to the soft texture.The pistils are a bold toasted orange in small peppery lengthy clusters
Heavy deep grape and potent sweet herbs with hint of spice and wood. there’s an earthy base with a touch of cream. smooth and potent the flavors combined provide a balanced herbal taste , like tea with a touch of infused grapes and a hint of wood.
The first puffs provided a potent hit, i felt a nice rush of energy go to my head and had me feeling positive and engaged mentally, while my body was relaxed but not stuck. A great high while watching the Warriors win. Medicinally I felt significant pain and ache relief, an uplifted mood, and a boost of social energy. Its also a great smoke before bed, once you get relaxed and watch an episode se of your show ,expect to fall into great sleep. For the wake and bake tho, you might end up wanting to lay back down after some breakfast munchies.
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