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Strain Review: Banana Candy Kush by The Grapeman

Banana Candy Kush🍌🍬🌳 Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: The Grapeman Terpene Profile: Unknown

Banana Candy Kush Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

. @the_grapeman @alien_organics96 . 🍌Sweet kush notes at first with a hint of banana quickly followed with layers of pine and citrusy cleaner notes sitting on a danky layer . Sweet notes follow thru to the end. kind of reminds me of a banana lemon skittle blend with a slight, deep pinsole touch. Smoothie vibes . 🍬the flavor is long lasting and strong, it closely matches the aroma, i get sweet herbal kush notes with ripe banana tone slightly making its way through, not too overpowering but distinct. . 🌳Denser nugs with a more hardball, compact tight leaf structure. Soft and sticky on the breakdown with a sticky resinous feel. The trichomes have a granulated sugary and give the flower a a faded banana yellow tinge. Hues of Fern and forest green fight for dominance against the darker grapey eggplant violet hues. As I break down I can see hints violet bleeding brighter with spring green and yellow hues becoming more visible. The pisitils are short, and a bright orange with a camel yellow tint to them. . 💯A great high, At first i got a nice rush goin to my head and a wave of soothing relaxation go through my body. Shortly after i couldn’t help but want to engage in something like video games,cooking, taling a walk etc (cod zombies was the choice🧟‍♂️). The high made me feel pretty active and ambitious while also calming any usual anxieties. The munchies after the high hits hard damn near ate a whole pizza to myself 😂. A great strain for anytime although id prefer it for the wake n bake to help jump start my day.
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