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Strain Review: La Estrillita by Snowtill Organics

La Estrellita 💫 Lineage/Genetics: (Eastbay Sherbert X GSC s1) ❎ Jalalabad Star Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Snowtill Organics Terpene Profile: Unknown Grown in Organic Living Soil . Cult.- @snowtillorganics 🔌 @southbayexoticzz . 💫Appearance Big lush nugs, the leaves are very resinous and sticky to the touch , with enough space apart to give off the kush aesthetic. The pistils are bright carrot orange hue with a slight fiery amber tinge. On the outer leaves the hues are a blend of nori , phtalo and jungle green. The dusty trichomes are a blended hue of parchment and ivory and caked on thick ,they dance like little stars with or without flash.As you break the flower down the hues of green lighten to a mix of faded spring green and tan with some light streaky hints of violet. The tan hue gets more dominant at the stem. . 💫Aroma Long lasting, strong dank sweet pine at first. when I break down it’s sharper pine (pinsol cleaner) notes. maybe the sherbert genetics helps bring out or exaggerate the aroma. . 💫Flavor Potent heavy smooth smoke , long lasting. Sweeter herbal notes with a earthy based that really remind me of GSC and dank with a hint of pine on the back that reminds me of Kush . Overall a deep slightly sweet herbal taste. It feels very clean when inhaling like when I smoke @the_grapeman . No Cough but definitely got some dry mouth. . 💫Experience Strong long lasting high. I felt relaxed and was able to think with a clear mind after a shit load of b.s. happening these last couple days. Great to help manage your mood. I enjoyed time to myself, I wasnt too engaged in anything specific but did finish this review with some YouTube playing in the background. One of those highs that put you in your own world, I’d say great for after work or a afternoon off where you can take a walk or do some light activity like playing the game or working on hobby and listening to music etc. The high starts off slow but strong and just gets stronger to the point where I felt like I smoked 2 blunts. I really enjoyed this cross, it’s great for managing your mood and mentally putting you in a comfortable space away from reality .
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