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Strain Review: GMO x Rootbeer by The Humble Cultivator

GMO ❎ Rootbeer☣️🍺 . @thehumblecultivator @the.humblecultivator @southbayexoticzz Lineage/Genetics 🧬: GMO x Rootbeer Bred by: Skunkbank Genetics @skunktek Grown by: The Humble Cultivator Terpene Profile: Unknown

The Humble Cultivator GMO x Rootbeer Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

. Been fighting with IG to get these posted. Like and Comment . 🍺☣️Appearance soft and sticky resinous with a dusty feel. The structure is very kush like with the spade like shape and dense bulbous buds. GMO is usually less structured with a longer foxtail shape but it does have the deep greens and the distinct garlic cookie aromatic feat . Darker hues fade between a Christmasy Forest green and Deep Jungle green with a slight olive tinge and dominate the outer leaves. Spring green bleeds from the darker hues before reaching a golden pascal celery/ pistacio tinge just before reaching the stem. The trichomes are a buttermilk hue with a hint of beige sepia. Long vigorous hairy pistils reach throught the bulbous structure of the buds with a beautiful deep fiery blended hue of blood orange, amber and rosewood. 🍺☣️ Flavor/Aroma -deep invigorating danky earthy base with a cinnamon and spice , rootbeer after taste with a hint of sweetness. it feels like a mix of spices and citrus combine to give carbonation effect of soda fizz on your tongue, the rootbeer flavor is distinct but not over powering. The gmo flavor really takes over toward the backend with that deep thick garlic cookie flavor creating a nice complement to the rootbeer hints. -the aroma closely matches the flavor with a strong earthy dank lead hitting your nose with sweet cinnamon blend of spices remind me of an open can rootbeer maybe like 10 minutes old lol. ☣️🍺 Experience very strong high very smooth smoke, toward the end of the blunt i started to feel like i was on a cloud. the light sensation started in my legs and quickly hit my core and my mind. Cue the “im high” statement no-one asked for😂. It started to get hard to focus as i started to feel a burst of energy that was encouraging me to be more sociable. the effects came on quick and caused my body to raise its temperature a little but thats why you keep some water on you lol. the blunt ended then After a few minutes the high started to level out. I realized My back and neck were no longer bothering me and generally i was in a good mood. i felt creative and great Overall a great high and strong smoke although compared to snowtill, back to back, id say it had less potency , the highs were both very strong but the edge goes to snowtill due to me feeling the the effects a little harder and faster and i like the structure of the flower more, it was stickier and just generally seemed to be a better quality with a more natural look. @snowtillorganics take on the strain coming up next.
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