Cultivar Review: GMO by UpNorth

GMO @upnorth_team

Lineage/Genetics: Forum Cut GSC x Chemdawg

Original Breeder: Mamiko Seeds

Grower: UpNorth

Terpene Profile: Unknown

UpNorth GMO Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review


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Appeal B++
While it’s not quite tier 1 on the appeal due to dryness, and moisture ratios, the chunky tall stretching colas made of exotic gmo foxtailed calyxed out stacking triangular structures, and inner trichome saturation with neat defined decently big clustered amber heads definitely has it coming close to tier 1 appeal but it has that dry, semi stale look. Not very sticky, but does have a little bit of grease.. trichomes are very clustered but extra kiefy. and the flower itself could also use some extra moisture to really take it to the next level. Light greens with yellow tan beige tints and amber shadings build up to purple blue black tips with Fire orange mid size pistils sneaking about the nug.

Aroma B+
Gmo garlic onion musk and funk. Chemd sour dankness, with small hints of classic skunky gassy kush notes (lemons / pines). Herbal spice is strong with cookie coffee creamy close. All the classic terps are there and clear to identify, however slightly muted in total volume.

Burn A Taste B+
The ash was pure white, with rare pepper. A fat motor oil terp ring dripped hard af. The dryness played a small factor in pleasantness and throatiness. But was still very clean smooth and enjoyable with the classic gmo terps translating very well and clear. It was Mild on the gas pressure though.

Effect B+ Potency B
Clean effects, with good Stoney relaxing head change, with calming mood uplift. Body has some light chest pressure potency rush, fades to a semi couchlock. Has a short lived small baseline energy under the bake, but ends sleepy. Effects are semi strong, but finishing the small cone was easy, maybe needing a king size cone to be topped off proper.

Overall B+
Good appeal aroma & taste, amazing burn. Nice solid strong effects with decent potency. A very Enjoyable tier 2 flower with major tier 1 potential. Dryness and other small factors are not complaints, just the marks holding it back from tier 1

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