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Strain Review: Milk N Cookies #71 by Fiore Genetics

The Milk N’ Cookies #71 Strain Lineage/Genetics: Forum Cut GSC x 88G13HP Original Breeder: Boneyard Seeds Grower: Fiore Genetics Dispensary: Berner’s Merced

Milk N’ Cookies #71 Strain Review

milk n cookies #71 by fiore genetics strain review by qsexoticreviews 29/10 🥛🍪 by Fioregenetics was definitely a redeemer 💯for the zcube. Nugs were beautiful almost fully purple with little to no orange hairs. In person it looks damn near all purple. Smell was insane super sweet almost like a candy with cream background to it but for the taste it wasn’t so much candy more earthy and sweet cream. The high was strong in the head as it slowly melts away your body. Very relaxing and calming for the most part. #fioregenetics #bernersmerced #420 #710 #cookiesorbetter #theredeemer
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Check out more reviews by @qsexoticreviews on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/qsexoticreviews)

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Check out more reviews by @qsexoticreviews on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/qsexoticreviews)

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