Strain Review: Gelato Cake by Georgetown Flavors


Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x Gelato #33

Original Breeder: Elev8 Seeds

Grower: Georgetown Flavors

Georgetown Flavors Gelato Cake Review

gelato cake by georgetown flavors strain review by budfinderdc 2@georgetownflavors.rep

Easily the first thing to note about Gelato Cake is its smell. Upon opening the bag I was smacked with a strong, diesel fuel aroma with a fruity sweet pop on the backend very reminiscent of Gelato.

Appearance wise, Gelato Cake, or at least the cut I received, predominately leaned towards its Wedding Cake lineage. A light, pear green exterior hides subtle colors shifts occurring upon the grind. True to its name, and the “frosting on the cake”, Gelato Cake’s trichomes glaze the entirety of the exterior reminiscent of a powdered donut.

The first few pulls of this strain continued to be Wedding Cake dominant; pastry, earthy, and more caramel than fruity/outwardly sweet.

The ensuing effects are the clear “calling cards” of Gelato Cake. I was hit with a fairly fast acting cloudy, stoney, and pleasantly disorienting cerebral effect. Expect a noticeable body buzz and heavy couch lock. IMO, Gelato Cake is a stronger version of either of its parents. Novices beware.

Strength: 9.3/10

Not a sexy strain appearance wise, yet a “dessert” strain nonetheless, Gelato Cake hits more similarly to an OG, and I f*** with that.


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