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Strain Review: Black Magic by Osvaldo Gantica

Black Magic 🖤✨Review Lineage/Genetics: Buckeye Purple x Cherry Sauce Original Breeder: Andromeda Strains Grower: Osvaldo Gantica

Black Magic Strain Review

. @oganics408_cali . 🧜🏿‍♀️Ive been wanting to post this for a while now. I picked this up at the @serenitysesh. yall check out @bdizz_bakes7 @sj.tastebudzclothing some of the businesses I remember off top that had great products. Now on to the flower. . 🖤Black Magic nugs are nearly completely covered in frosty white trichomes. Under the thick layer of trichomes the leaves are a deep dark forest green with some deep hues of violet sprinkled all throughout the nug. The pistils are a light orange and thin but long. Overall the flower is beautiful and really a fun spectacle to look at with your own eyes. . ✨The high for this was amazing, we rolled up a blunt at the serenity sesh in a wild rum @backwoods_cigars (which might be my new favorite flavor to get on when im feeling good, im original/ sweet guy). The flower broke down really well, the leaves didnt crunch into sand but kept their full structure , the nugs are big, dense and sticky but fluffy like a kush and gelato mix.It burned super slow and smooth but also very potent. . 💯The high was amazing and instantly put us on a cloud for the rest of the event. At first I was in a space where I couldnt necessarily focus with all the hussle and bussle, in a place where I wanted to be more outgoing when I was feeling some anxiety. After a few puffs the Black Magic kicked in and I got exactly what I asked for, and both sides of the high collided helping me loosen up and find some some serenity at the sesh full of new faces and businesses. One side of the high cuts through any worries that may be on your mind while also helping you focus on positive things instantly uplifting your though process while simultaneously the body side slows you down and relaxes you but doesnt sedate you or make you tired, instead your body floats on an ever uplifting cloud till you find your eyes red and your speech slowed as you get more stoned as if the mermaid on the bag put you in a trance.
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