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Strain Review: Peach Moscato by 454.

Peach Moscato 🍑🍾Review Lineage/Genetics: (Peach OGLava Cake) Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: 454. Dispensary: Haze Dispensary

Peach Moscato Strain Review

Hybrid Cannabis Flower . 24.77% Total THC 28.13% Total Cannabinoids . @454brand @454flower @haze420sj . 🍑 @454flower is a Bay Area cannabis and clothing brand. The number comes is the industry standard weight of a pound of cannabis.The simple yet detailed packaging and the crazy strain names really drew me to them and I went with this Peach Moscato and their Cereal Milk( i didnt take pictires of the CM😢) . 🍾Nice dense kushy green nugs with some darker brown pistils. The leaves look tightly spaced and compace but when you break them down the flower has that nice fluffy structure as the musky earthy notes get stronger under the peachy scent. . 🥂Fruity aroma that quickly fades to a lingering state gives off candy like vibes like trying to smell a gummy bear from your hand. Pine notes fill the space with with savory hints where the fruity scent fades. . 🍇Earthy, light peach flavor with a mid heavy smoother smoke, reminiscent of peach tea or a watered down peach Moscato after taste. The exhale is a little dry on yoir throat as the pine flavors take over. . 💯I experienced a potent high and felt a hazey, spacey sensation behind the eyes and heavy in your mind right in your frontal lobe. You’ll find the high helping you regulate your mood, relax your body and clear any clutter and stress you might have on your mind. The high settles there for a while before spreading throughout your body furthering your relaxation. As your body relaxes the effects in your mind get stronger leaving you stoned like you was sippin moscato with your blunt.
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