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Strain Review: Hairy Cherry by Farm2Lab

Hairy Cherry 🍒 👙Review Lineage/Genetics: (OGKBFrosted Cherry Cookies) Original Breeder: Relentless Genetics Grower: Farm2Lab Dispensary: Haze Dispensary

Hairy Cherry Strain Review

. 30.05% THC 0.23% CBD 31.57% Total Cannabinoids . @farm2lab bred by @relentless__genetics @haze420sj . 🍒This was my first time trying some flower from @farm2lab and I was highly impressed. The nugs were full and meaty, meaning they held a nice weight and broke down perfectly, no mass lost while breaking down. Sometimes it may take a whole 8the to roll up a blunt because of how grainy the flower becomes and it ends up being better smoked in glass. Super frosted with snow white trichomes these nugs kept a dense but kushy texture. The density and stickiness made it a fun break down, it was soft but had a nice crisp snap. The colors are a vibrant mix of Forest Green hued leaves and Orange pistils with white trichomes frosted on top and even some hints of violet within the nugs. . 🔥You can smell sweet floral, spice & chocolate OGKB overtones with pungent diesel and subtle hints of citrus and Cherry. Overall a really potent chocolatey earthy aroma with pungent fruity and floral notes. . 🍒The flavor is a balanced blend of sweet chocolatey floral herbs and citrusy cherry and apples, diesel with woodsy hints. Really a fun smoke for any cannabis connoisseur, its super smooth on your throat and the smoke is thick and heavy with powerful effects. . ✂️The high for this is strong af, it starts off as a nice calming cloud in your body, you feel the smoke slowly melt down any aches and pains in your body while your mind is experiencing a nice euphioric but calming boost that offers a nice boost nof creativity. You’ll feel it in your eyes, sinus and joints. Overall youll find yourself in a uplifted but stoned to the bone zone, where you won’t be immediately sedated but you will find immediate relaxation and with a nice creative & social boost.
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