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Strain Review: Motorbreath #15 by SOG Army

MotorBreath 15 ⚙️🏎Review Lineage/Genetics: (Chem D ❎ SGV OG) Original Breeder: Pisces Genetics Grower: SOG Army Dispensary: Haze Dispensary

Motorbreath #15 Strain Review

Indoor Cannabis Flower . 40.23% Total Cannabinoids 34.49% THC 2.98% Terpenes . 🏎Top Terpenes⚙️ Myrcene , Caryophyllene , Limonene, Humulene , Linalool , Caryophyllene . @sogarmy @greenleaflab @green_leaf_labs_bay_area @ncmcorp @haze420sj @haze408 . 🏎This is my first time trying @sogarmy and im super satisfied anf impressed with the overall experience. . 🌬Before you even open the jar you can smell the pungent gassy notes invade yout nose. Over all the aroma is super gassy with spice notes and chocolate earthy hints. There is a strong diesel flavor blends with earth tones and subtle hint of sweet woods. . 🗿The flower is mostly light green but has some darker green leaves and light amber orange pistils with a shining coat of trichomes. The monstrous nugs are very sticky as the trichomes create a dusty film around your fingertips while you break down. The flower is dense but not too tightly compacted , the kushy nugs break down well and release alot of gassy earthy terps whike also keeping great structure perfect for rolling fat doobies. High quality potent nugs that every stoner wants. . ⚙️The high at first puff very strong and heady like the chem side of its lineage giving you tingling euphoric heady effects before hitting the body with powerful indica effects helping you further relax. As your mind is on cruise control your body will be riding passenger do expect delays😂😂.
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