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Strain Review: Poison Gushers by The Town Collective

Poison Gushers🍬☣️ Review Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Durban Poison(?) x Gushers(?) Original Breeder: Unknown Delivery Service: The Town Collective

Poison Gushers Strain Review

. @thetowncollective99 @thetowncollective . ☣️I grabbed during a weekend in Black History Month while visiting Lake Merrit, the same day I tried some @firekinemeds edibles( before they forced everyone to the opposite side) . @thetowncollective booth always has a table long line up of top shelf flower with lots of other edibles and cannabis related merch, I reccommend getting their earlier cuz right after lunch time is when the line gets long af. . 🍬When you open the bag you get a strong kick of sour candy with a pungent skunk and fuel undertone. Imagine sour apple jolly ranchers if you cant imagine the sour gushers. The nugs are big and dense with nices peppery blends of violet and green with bold orange hairs and a blanket of sunlit trichomes. . 🗿The flavors closely match the aroma and are pretty consiste throught the ihale and exhale. A potent puff of sharp sweet and sour notes and an earthy base carries the high straight to your mind cutting through any clutter before it taking over your body. . 💯Great for a spacey sociable energy boost. At first youll feel super uplifted and the high will sit right behind your eyes making them red af and glossy. Overtime the high takes over your body and makes you legs and arms feel heavier and heavier until yout couchlocked and coasting your way to a nice nap.
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