Dab Review: Beach Wedding Cured Sugar Sauce by Artifact Extracts

This Artifact Extracts x Higher Minds Horticulture Beach Wedding (Wedding Cake x Tropicana Cookies) cured sugar sauce had a sweet floral gas smell with hints of citrus when I opened the jar. The color was a dark orange on the sauce and it didn’t have as much clarity to it as I typically like to see.

Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x Tropicana Cookies

Grower/Processor: Higher Minds Horticulture/Artifact Extracts

Beach Wedding Cured Sugar Sauce Review

The flavor was sweet gassy orange citrus with some off flavor and floral notes to it. I found it to be pretty harsh and it left some scratchiness in my throat after dabbing.

The high was stoney in my head while also being uplifting with some light relief for my body. Hybrid type effects. Not super strong but not weak either, average high.

Overall I didn’t really enjoy the Beach Wedding. The profile and flavor weren’t very good and the high was ok. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t good either.

Made 5/19/21

Tested 6/11/21 SC Labs

This review was sponsored by Artifact Extracts

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