Strain Review: Beach Wedding by Grow Sciences

Beach Wedding (Wedding Cake x Tropicanna Cookies) from @growsciences

Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x Tropicanna Cookies

Original Breeder: Oni Seed Co

Grower: Grow Sciences

Beach Wedding Strain Review

This tasty looking strain is an indica dominant hybrid that will no doubt catch anyone’s eye at the sesh. A combination of bright and dark purples override the greens to create some phenomenal bag appeal.

The smell of this flower was so damn unique to me. I kid you not, all I can smell is @hboats strawberries🍓That dried strawberry aroma just floods your nostrils making you really crave a bowl of some strawberries n oats👀 However the second you break it down that wedding cake says “here bitch”. Strong cake aroma that blends perfect with the fruitiness. Why this was unique to me was because at first you get that fruity terpene profile from the tropicanna then that musky cake to finish it off🎂

One thing I can’t stress enough is looks are deceiving. This flower looked phenomenal but had 0 flavor. Nothing but an earthy and resiny taste every single hit, due to the lack of freshness. I’d give it a solid 0/10 on taste.

Even though the smoke was dreadful and harsh as could be, the high did make up for it. The tropicanna cookies hits you with a strong cerebral head high while at the same time giving you that behind the eyes indica feel. Ima keep it real and say the indica/sativa balance was on point. Not only did it leave me extremely clear headed, but also very relaxed mentally and physically.

Everything about this strain was a hit except the taste. It’s sad how almost every purple strain taste the same nowadays. “Floral, earthy, and a hint of grape.” In my opinion that shit is so damn old/overrated and for the price people are paying it is straight up NONSENSE🤯 All these hype exotic strains are pretty much dead to me and don’t get you even half the effects classic OG strains do. The market is all out of wack with these wanna be “bougie” smokers spending $65+ an eighth for NOT EVEN MID GRADE MEDICINE just because it’s purple🤣🤡

But since that’s what the market demands that’s what we’re getting🤷🏽‍♂️ We need a new grower in AZ to push out some dank OG’s and put these lame purple pretendo strains to sleep😴😤

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