Strain Review: Meat Breath by Potent Planet

Meat Breath (Meat Loaf x Mendo Breathe F2) from @potentplanet

Lineage/Genetics: Meatloaf x Mendo Breath F2

Original Breeder: ThugPug Genetics

Grower: Potent Planet

Dispensary: Health for Life

Potent Planet Meat Breath Strain Review

I noticed @h4l_az still had some jars on their shelves so without hesitation I raced my ass over there. I was so impatient to wait till I got home to crack open this carne but as soon as I did my excitement faded away almost instantly. That signature reek of meat and dank was non-existent. I sat there smelling the jar for a minute trying to find any meat related terps and nada.

The most I got was earthiness with the smallest pinch of some kind of og funk. This bud was definitely on the dryer side which also played a role in decreasing the aroma. Now one thing @potentplanet has ON LOCK is their bag appeal. It blows my mind how they manage to produce as many trichomes as they do but what really blows my mind is the orange hairs. How in tf do you produce that many let alone get them to be damn near half an inch long?🤯

This flower was hands down probably the best looking strain i’ve had all of 2020. So much trichome production the buds are almost white with insane hairs and dark purples peppered throughout the nugs. The flavor I got from the smoke was very odd..strong earthy notes and a harsh woody aftertaste. Again upset that the infamous meat flavor was not present.

The high was the next best thing to the appearance. Very strong heady feeling at first and then minutes later that indica pulls up and just slumpsss your eyes almost shut while knocking out any pain. Leaving you ultimately relaxed as can be but also wanting a buffet or food. However another thing that brought me disappointment was the nug sizes.

In my opinion if you’re paying $55 for an eighth then you definitely deserve atleast 1 fat nug in your jar. I paid the premium price and received popcorn nugs🤨 I’m sorry but that just don’t sit right with me whatsoever. Im kinda getting tired of this “bad batches happen” excuse cause it’s being used way too often now. If you’re charging $50+ an eighth there absolutely should not be a single bad batch hitting the shelves.

It sucks seeing all these positive reviews saying how gas this strain is and now i’m feeling left out😂 I would try again but only if it’s a fresh batch and not running $55..

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