Strain Review: GG5 by Mohave Cannabis Co.

GG5 aka new glue (Sister Glue GG1 x Original Glue GG4) from @mohavecannabis

Lineage/Genetics: Sister Glue (GG1) x Original Glue (GG4)

Original Breeder: GG Strains

Grower: Mohave Cannabis Co.

Dispensary: Debbie’s North Phoenix

GG5 Strain Review

This was the other half oz I scooped from @debbiesnorthphoenix and holy shit I don’t even know where to start.

First off I’ve been waiting almost 2 years to find some LEGIT glue here in az cause it’s hands down my favorite smoke and damn near non-existent out here. Anyways let’s dive into this phenomenal strain.

GG5 also known as “New Glue” is a cross between GG1 & GG4 to make this a powerhouse of a hybrid.

As you pop the top on the container you’re quickly blinded by bright glimmering trichomes that are just lunging off the buds. This flower is so damn frosty the camera does not to do it any justice. Bright green buds with delicate orange hairs to pair for that signature GG appearance🦍 Now for some crazy shit. If you watch the 3rd slide this mf deadass hung strong for 45 SECONDS. It only shows 40 seconds cause of the stupid “20% battery life” notification smfh. But nevertheless still hands down the LONGEST hanging strain i’ve ever picked up with little to no effort..this blew my mind because top name brands can’t even hang for half this time..

This heavy hitting hybrid 100% lives up to its name and that’s how you know it’s legit glue. The musky aroma just decks you in the face with hints of diesel and pepper. The thing about real glue is that it’s much more of a musky aroma than diesel which makes it so uniques and different. On the inhale you get an earthy peppery flavor then on the exhale that dank musky glue straight stomps your tastebuds out🦍 Prepare for this to hit like an OG however because you will definitely feel that lung punch😎🥊 Effects set in almost immediately. First stop for the gorilla is your head where he destroys any negative thoughts and gets you feeling uplifted☁️ And I hope you found a comfortable spot because the couch lock is like no other. You and gorilla homie will be chillin together for a minute🥱

This is hands down one of the best strains i’ve smoked all of 2020. The consistently is top notch and this is the true definition on medicine. There’s not a single bad thing to say about this strain from mohave. Real question is why the fuck are they not in every dispo?!

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