Strain Review: Duct Tape by Trichome Farms

Duct Tape

Lineage/Genetics: (Gorilla Glue #4 x Do-si-dos)

Breeder: Archive Seed Bank

Grower: Trichome Farms @trichome_farms ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Duct Tape Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Duct Tape effortlessly checks the box for visual appeal. The nugs are mostly spring-green with a host of darker green leafage, grayish-purple leaves, and alloy-orange pistils all amalgamating around the center of the bud. A moderate cover of trichomes encrusts the outside of each nug, leaving a bushy frosting in the crevices. It’s a charming, unkempt flower that is a treat for the eyes 😍

The nose on this Duct Tape is marvelous. The first whiff of the jar knocked me over with insanely strong burnt rubber, diesel, polyethylene terps. The aroma on display here is the epitome of gas. It also has layers of spicy seasoning and kush, as well as some earthy and sweet notes. Breaking down buds releases more of the pungent diesel gas scent, with a little bit of sweetness. The flower leaves a kushy, earthy smell on the fingers after handling ⛽️

The flavor on the Duct Tape is superb. Initially, the taste is all gas and diesel, but it has an earthiness that levels out the tire fire flavor. There are minor spicy, chocolate, and sour notes that enhance the gas taste and add a complexity to it. That part of the profile almost pulls the overall flavoring into a kushy direction, but all in all, the Duct Tape just becomes gassier and more like burnt rubber as it burns down 🔥

The Duct Tape has a robust high on it. I felt an immediate body heaviness before I finished smoking the first joint. My shoulders relaxed and I felt a calming pressure in my head. Generally, it’s a bit of a slumper. Duct Tape is an apt name for the strain because it is so sticky. I typically take notes on my phone as I’m working with a cultivar and this one made it impossible to type without getting resinous trichome matter all over. It burned perfectly all the way down and was a smooth smoke 💨

The Duct Tape by @trichome_farms is a superlative version of the strain. I’ve had multiple versions of Duct Tape before, and this batch is my ideal of what the strain should be. The bag appeal is great, but the smell, flavor, and high are astounding. This is, surprisingly, my first strain by Trichome but I am eagerly looking forward to trying more ⭐️



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