Strain Review: Rainbow Beltz by Deep In The Bag x Shopping Carts

Rainbow Beltz

Lineage/Genetics: ( Moonbow x Zkittlez)

Breeder: Archive Seed Bank

GrownBy: DeepInTheBag415 x ShoppingCarts415

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Rainbow Beltz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

There’s some cuts that you can keep in rotation and not get sick of, this is one of those for me. I could be somewhat biased because i love skittlez and skittlez crosses. Where a lot of strains got their “candy” from. From the bag appeal (my personal opinion), nose, and the smoke it check’s various boxes for me. When you first open the bag you’re greeted with the sight of light green nugs with orange hairs and trichs sprinkles throughout. At first whiff you get a light earthy note with beautifil citrus type scents. Smell’s like some type of candy. I likened it to a citrusy type vibe from those old school Zebra Gum sticks. Breaking down the flower leads you to a heavy gassy burnt rubber type nose ( the Moonbow cross intensifies this). There was stickiness to the flower aswell. The smoke is just as enjoyable. Smooth clean smoke with candy type z notes. You will find some gas in there too. One of those strains you can chain smoke for sure. The high comes in quick with a euphoric upbeat cerebral high. My body was very relaxed too, but without putting you out. Perfect day time smoke in my opinion. This will definitely elevate your mood. Don’t get me wrong, this can put you out if you’re toking a few after a long day. I will say if your one of those people who don’t like that butterfly slight anxiousness feeling proceed with caution. Shout out to these two brands for bringing their version of this dope cut. And shout out to the homie for lacing me with this.

Personal/Medical Use Only
*Nothing For Sale
Informational purposes only

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Check out more reviews by @digital.smoke on Instagram! (

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