Strain Review: Black Widow by Trichome Farms

This batch of Black Widow (Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica) grown by Trichome Farms has that same piney terpinolene smell as usual, although it’s a bit lighter than previous batches.

Lineage/Genetics: Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica

Grower: Trichome Farms

Dispensary:Local Leaf PDX

Black Widow Strain Review

When I break into the buds they have that super strong terpinolene smell 🌲🍋🔥 The nugs were a bit smaller and less dense than what I’m used to but still nice.

One of my favorite budtenders, Reese, was super legit and let me know that this wasn’t the best batch when I was checking it out so I wasn’t disappointed when I got home with it. I wanted to mention this because it completely changes the experience for me when the budtender is honest. If they tell me “it’s fire bro” just to make a sale and I get home and it’s not up to par, it makes me lose trust in them and I feel extra disappointed in the purchase. I really appreciate honest opinions from budtenders and Reese is always telling it like it is 🙏🏼

Flavor was nice in my vape 👍🏼 piney terpinolene 🌲🍋 Not quite as strong as I’m used to but not light either. What was not lacking at all though was the thickness of the vapor and the intense high that normally comes with the Black Widow 🔥🔥🔥 I got an instant strong headband feeling followed by a nice uplifting high ☺️ Nice strong daytime meds 🌞

Harvested 6/30/21

Tested 7/27/21 3B Analytical

Local Leaf PDX

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