Cultivar Review: Widow Cake Grown by Trichome Farms

This Trichome Farms Widow Cake (Black Widow x Wedding Cake) had a light gassy citrus smell with sharp peppery notes when I popped the jar open. The buds were dense, totally frosty, and tightly trimmed. Even though this flower had some great bag appeal, I found the nose to be lacking. When I cracked or ground up the nugs, I did find a nice funk hiding inside though.

Lineage/Genetics: Black Widow x Wedding Cake

Grower: Trichome Farms

Widow Cake Review

The flavor in my vape was strong peppery pine up front with some sweet citrus gas πŸŒ²πŸŽ‚πŸ‹β›½ The Widow Cake was smooth to vape and produced thick vapor.

The high was stimulating and uplifting, leaving me clearheaded while also providing me some good body relief. I found the effects to be pretty nice for daytime smoke. It did mess with my anxiety just a bit though.

Overall I kinda had mixed feelings about the Widow Cake. The nose was lacking for me and the flavor wasn’t really my personal preference. At the same time, the effects were nice for daytime use without messing with my anxiety too much and the vapor was smooth and thick.

Harvested 11/23/21

Tested 1/3/22 3B Analytical

This review was sponsored by Trichome Farms

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