Fresh Baked GMO vs Cannabiotix GM-UHOH

@fresh_baked__ to @cannabiotix side by side comparison!

Brands: Fresh Baked vs Cannabiotix

GMO vs GM-UHOH Review

So guys, without a doubt, these are the best 2 gmo, infact these 2 are the best chemdawg crosses I’ve ever had,

But picking which one is the better choice is a mind boggling endeavor. One one hand, we have FRESHBAKED, bringing in a perfect structure that is hard to come by in gmo, where the cbx is more leafy and spacey. Both have excellent trich production. Both are loud af, the cannabiotix is louder slightly cuz it’s more gassy, while the freshbaked gmo was better smelling with more creamyness Freshbaked wins appeal, cbx was louder, but freshbaked smelled better. Cbx had whiter ash, freshbaked had the bigger resin terp ring. Both had the same effects, and both had top of the line potency, truly hard to pick one….

So which one is better? Well that just depends on your preferences, if structure is important to you go with freshbaked, if the ash color is more important go with cbx. If the type of smell is more important go freshbaked, if the loudness of the smell is more important go cbx.

Freshbaked takes appeal, cbx takes the burn. Other categories are fairly split or tied

For me personally, overall, I choose the freshbaked by 3 points, although I wish it smoked whiter ash like the cbx

Like I said before, tough call, these are both the best gmos I’ve ever had hands down! I highly recommended getting them both for your own side by side comparison

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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